Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D., Principal

bb02Lo-ResBen E. Benjamin, Ph.D., is an organizational consultant, executive coach, author, and educator.

Ben’s organizational work is multifaceted—from helping the leadership of a newly merged corporation to integrate conflicting company cultures, to teaching healthcare providers to communicate effectively about pain and fatal illness, to leading a school’s reconciliation process following the misconduct and firing of a longtime faculty member.

On an individual level, he helps clients with issues ranging from career advancement and financial growth to work/life balance and relationship building. In all of these endeavors, his basic approach is the same: precise assessment of exactly what’s blocking people from reaching their goals, followed by targeted interventions to get things back on track.

Ben has particular expertise in working with people who are starting new businesses or attempting a major expansion or change initiative. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded several successful organizations, including a webinar production business with more than 150 titles and a professional school that expanded from 8 to more than 300 students.

Other major areas of expertise include communication skills and system development. Ben is a certified senior trainer in the System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction  (SAVI®) and the lead author of the first published book on this system: Conversation Transformation (McGraw-Hill, 2012). He has engaged in decades of study and application of systems theories and is certified in the Group Development Questionnaire (GDQ), the only scientifically validated instrument for assessing a team’s developmental stage.

Ben has taught extensively throughout the United States and Europe, as well as in Australia. The author of five books and hundreds of articles, Ben has appeared on the Today Show and dozens of other television shows, as well as more than fifty radio programs throughout the country. His book on ethics is required reading in more than 300 schools, and he has served as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases involving professional ethics.