Mind-Reads on Stage and Screen

Goal: Increase your ability to detect mind-read communication 

Estimated time: 1–5 minutes (at various times during your daily life)

Mind-reads play a central role in countless fictional plot lines, from novels and plays to movies and television shows. The results can be tragic, as when King Lear’s misinterpretation of his daughter’s comments (refusing to extravagantly profess her love for him) leads eventually to both of their deaths. They can also be comic, as in a Seinfeld episode where a squirt of grapefruit pulp in George’s eye causes uncontrollable winking, leading everyone around him to keep thinking he means the opposite of what he’s saying. Whenever you come across a story that involves interpersonal conflicts, challenge yourself to identify any mind-reads the characters seem to have. You may find it helpful to keep a running list that you can refer back to over time.

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