“The SAVI Grid is Awesome…” (Amazon.com Review)

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March 10, 2012

By C. L. Mershon (Texas)

“The Usual Suspects – When a conversation fails it is easy to blame the people or the topics. People have difficult personalities, motivations, or emotional states. Topics can have touchy issues and irreconcilable differences.” Pg. 3

“The Hidden Culprit – All communication breakdowns can be explained in terms of one common factor: Behavior. The specific combinations of words and voice tones people are using.” Pg. 4

It is interesting that on page 11 of the book the author’s state, “When we first sat down to write a book on communication, we were troubled by a dirty little secret: people don’t actually improve their communication by reading books.” Which is what brings me to the book website. I love a book that comes with free stuff and this book really delivers. On the book website there is tons of free stuff including a couple of awesome tests for the reader to complete before and after reading this book. I just love that kind of thing and there is no doubt that working through some of these resources will ensure that the reader will retain new knowledge and actually be able to apply it in whatever situation it is most needed.

The book progresses from there as one would expect and others have noted so I will not go into detail. However what I will say is that for my money Chapter 9 provides the best tool I have ever heard of to improve communication. It is called the SAVI Grid. Anybody who is serious about improving their communication needs to paste that thing on their wall and share it with anybody who is interested….it will revolutionize your communication effectiveness.

Highly Recommended.

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