Catalyst Team Coaching & Capacity Building

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.”
—Paul Batalden, M.D.

Catalyst Communication Partners empowers leaders and their teams to achieve sustainable, long-term improvements in their results by transforming the organizational systems that create those results. Our methodology is direct, efficient, transparent, and value-driven. We utilize an approach that maximizes value by:

Addressing exactly what you need, and nothing more. We use comprehensive qualitative and quantitative assessments—ranging from validated survey instruments to live, real-time behavioral analysis—to pinpoint the specific aspects of your team’s structure and processes that are holding you back from peak performance. These define and limit the scope of any work we do with you.

Adhering to your priorities. The analysis we present enables you and your team to make an informed choice about your priorities for change. While we’ll share recommendations based on our experience and expertise, we look to you as the experts on what matters most for this team and for your organization as a whole.

Embedding all learning within real work. Sometimes, in order to improve decision-making processes, meeting structures, or other areas of team functioning, your team will need to learn new methods or techniques. Immediately applying these tools to real, critical work goals—rather than exercises or simulations—optimizes both resource use and skill development. You walk away with important tasks accomplished and an enhanced capacity to effectively perform similar tasks in the future.

Enabling course-correction in real time. The most direct and effective way to change unconstructive interactions is to notice them right at the moment when they’re happening and consciously choose to do something different. This dynamic is at the heart of team coaching—beginning with prompts and cues from the coach, and gradually enabling the team to course-correct on its own.

Making ourselves obsolete. As much as we may enjoy working with you, we serve you best not by joining or leading your team, but by acting as temporary partners in your path to high performance. Everything we do is geared toward making ourselves “progressively unnecessary” and empowering you to thrive on your own.

To learn more about whether our approach might be a good fit for your team, call us at 1-800-600-1522 or send us an email.