What is SAVI?


All of the concepts and skills featured in Conversation Transformation originate in a communication system known as SAVI.

SAVI (the System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction) provides a systematic, objective analysis of what makes conversations succeed or fail. This approach focuses not on what we say, but on how we say it. There are ways of communicating that make it much more likely that a message will get through accurately and effectively, and others that make this much less likely.

You can use SAVI to analyze exactly what happened in any communication—whether it’s a dialogue with your boss or your spouse, a doctor’s consultation, a staff meeting, or even your own conversations with yourself. In addition to getting insight after the fact, you can use SAVI right in the middle of a conversation; when an unproductive communication pattern starts to develop, you can effectively spot it, stop it, and turn it around. SAVI can even help you to prepare for future conversations, with strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing the clarity of your message.

At the heart of SAVI is a tool that categorizes all verbal communication behaviors into a 3 x 3 matrix: the SAVI Grid.

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