8-Part Webinar Series

Our introductory webinar series (“Transforming Your Challenging Conversations”) allows you to learn in a more dynamic, interactive format without leaving the comfort of your home. If you’re a newcomer to our teaching, this course will serve as a good basic foundation. If you’ve already read Conversation Transformation or taken a class, the webinars will help to deepen your knowledge and refine your skills.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

Webinars 1 & 2: Rediscovering Communication

The first two sessions provide the foundation for everything else you’re going to learn. We’ll introduce you to SAVI, the comprehensive framework that underlies all the concepts and skills covered in Conversation Transformation. You’ll learn all the basics of this system, and then practice using it to get a new perspective on everyday conversations.

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Webinars 3­–8: Understanding and Transforming Challenging Behaviors

In sessions 3 through 8, we’ll focus in on six challenging communication behaviors, the same ones covered in Conversation Transformation:

  • Yes-buts
  • Mind-reads
  • Negative predictions
  • Leading questions
  • Complaints
  • Attacks

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You’ll deepen your awareness of these behaviors—both in others and in yourself—and learn exactly how they cause trouble. You’ll also learn practical strategies for turning them around, which we’ll demonstrate with real participant dialogues. We’ll give you exercises to try on your own, so you can practice applying each strategy to conversations in your own life.