About the Authors

Conversation Transformation is the joint creation of three individuals with a shared passion for using, applying, and teaching the SAVI® communication framework. Anita Simon, Ed.D., is co-developer (with Yvonne Agazarian) of SAVI and has been writing about this system since 1965. In addition to utilizing SAVI in her psychotherapeutic practice, she has done extensive work training, mentoring, and supervising others (including her Conversation Transformation co-authors) in the use of this system.

Ben Benjamin, Ph.D. and Amy Yeager, principals of Catalyst Communication Partners, have conducted SAVI-based trainings throughout the United States and in Sweden, and have found SAVI to be an invaluable tool in their executive coaching and consulting work.

Anita, Ben, and Amy wrote Conversation Transformation to make this sophisticated framework accessible to a wider audience and enable any individual, team, or organization to use SAVI-based strategies to improve their relationships and results. (They’re very excited that translations of the book are making this material increasingly available to non-English speakers.)