Why Hire a Coach?

Many executives today have a coach, and many others wish they did. There is a general sense that a coach is helpful, or even necessary, for achieving top performance. But what specific benefits does coaching actually provide? Below are six of the critical advantages we bring to our clients:

1.   Clarity
How clear are you on exactly what you want? Often, it’s much easier to identify what isn’t working than to envision what an ideal outcome would look like. Our coaching relationship begins by clarifying your vision for your professional and personal life, and then translating that vision into attainable goals and concrete action steps.

2.   Self-awareness
Before you can make any deliberate positive change, you must first become aware of exactly what’s not working in your current situation. The outside perspective of a coach shines a light on the unquestioned assumptions and habitual ways of thinking and acting that hold you back from reaching your true potential. You also gain clarity on the essential characteristics that make you who you are—traits that help determine which roles and tasks are a good fit for you, and which are better to delegate or set aside.

3.   Objectivity
One of the greatest assets of any leader is a functional “observing self,” the ability to step outside a situation and observe yourself, other people, and the situation as a whole from an objective standpoint. Developing this capacity enables you to notice when you start slipping into habitual, unconstructive patterns, so you have the choice to act differently. It also helps you to take conflicts less personally and make better, more impartial decisions.

4.   Flexibility
Over the course of a career, every executive develops certain comfort zones: preferred ways of communicating, strategizing, making decisions, or exercising leadership. While these comfort zones help you to work more efficiently, they can become a liability when changes in your organization, your industry, or the larger society demand a different approach. The coaching process helps you not only to stay aware of upcoming needs for change, but also to build the skills you need to proactively and adaptively respond.

5.   Support
When we sign a coaching contract with you, we make a solemn commitment to act in your best interest. That means serving as an objective sounding board for your ideas; providing a safe environment for you to practice and master new skills; giving you direct, candid feedback, even when it’s difficult to hear; and being your personal support team throughout whatever challenges you face in pursuit of your goals.

6.   Opportunity
Some of the most exciting coaching moments are realizations of opportunities you never knew you had. With the support of coaching, our clients have achieved results that they never imagined possible—from quadrupling their income to creating new, influential businesses to having their weekends free for the first time in years.