Organizational Trainings

We offer two types of organizational trainings: customized solutions and essential skills trainings.

Customized Team Solutions
Our custom programs provide a three-step process for targeted behavior change:
Assessment to identify your team’s specific communication barriers.
Skill building to empower your team to overcome those barriers.
Skill reinforcement and application to enable lasting behavioral change.
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Essential Skills Trainings
These trainings build the essential skills for mastering three key areas of workplace communication: meetings, feedback, and conflict. With flexible formats ranging from 1 to 8 hours, each training can easily be adapted to fit any schedule and any budget.
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Which type of program should you choose?
Customized solutions are ideal for people who want to:
Pinpoint their team’s specific communication challenges
Directly address those weaknesses with skills training tailored to their needs
Promote team development through focused follow-up work
Improve productivity within an intact team

Essential skills trainings are ideal for people who want to:
• Focus on one specific area of workplace performance
Receive comprehensive training on that one topic

Incorporate participants from multiple different teams

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