Table of Contents

Note to the Reader

Chapter 1: Can This Conversation Be Saved? (excerpt available)

Chapter 2: Teaching an Old Brain New Tricks

Conversation TransformationChapter 3: Polite Fights
Yes-But Training Program: Managing Conflict Constructively

Chapter 4: Clairvoyant Readings
Mind-Read Training Program: Knowing What You Don’t Know

Chapter 5: Catastrophe Forecasts
Negative Predictions Training Program: Separating Facts from Fears

Chapter 6: Question Traps
Leading Questions Training Program: Taking the Pressure Off

Chapter 7: Gripe Cycles
Complaints Training Program: Discovering the Underlying Problem

Chapter 8: Blame Games
Attacks Training Program: Using Feelings as Information, Not Ammunition

Chapter 9: Beyond the Six Challenges—An All-Purpose Tool to Improve Any Conversation





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