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Catalyst Communications Press was created for a simple purpose: to make one wonderful little Swedish book available to an English-speaking audience. The book is entitled Taking Up Your Role: How to shift between life and work without losing yourself. We’re thrilled to be able to offer it to our Catalyst coaching and consulting clients, and to other consultants who wish to use it with their clients, as well as to individuals interested in applying these ideas in their own professional lives. For any team or organization that has struggled with the consequences of unclear roles — misunderstandings, interpersonal friction, lack of follow-through, distrust between employees and management — the insights and strategies presented here are invaluable resources.

Learn more about Taking Up Your Role:

•          Overview
•          Table of contents
•          Excerpt from Chapter 9, “Thought as a Tool” (PDF download)

To order the book, call us at 800-600-1522 or visit our online bookstore. Bulk orders (10 or more copies) receive a 20% discount.