SAVI Training

Interested in learning more about SAVI? We’d love to help! In addition to reading the book, there are four other methods for building your SAVI knowledge and skill:  

1.    Learn from us: Ben Benjamin and Amy Yeager (co-authors with Anita Simon of Conversation Transformation, and Principals of Catalyst Communication Partners) are senior certified trainers in the SAVI system. We design and deliver customized trainings for teams and organizations seeking to apply SAVI to specific challenges—such as resolving conflict, delivering difficult feedback, or having more effective meetings—or simply to build their overall level of communication skill. Contact us for more information.

2.    Learn from one of our SAVI colleagues: A growing number of consultants, therapists, and other practitioners are certified to deliver SAVI trainings throughout the United States and in Europe. Visit the SAVI Communications website ( for a current list of certified trainers and upcoming workshops and phone seminars.

3.    Become one of our SAVI colleagues: For those seeking true mastery of the SAVI framework, we highly recommend the SAVI Trainer Certification Program, led by senior trainers Fran Carter and Claudia Byram. Visit the SAVI Communications website to learn more about becoming a certified trainer.

4.    Practice your SAVI skills online. Using the online SAVI Learning System (SLS), you can test and refine your SAVI skill at any time, from any location, building mastery in just minutes per day. Click here to learn more.