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Attend an open training.
If your organization does not offer SAVI training, or if you’d rather learn SAVI in a different context, consider attending a workshop that is open to the public. These offerings vary from month to month and from year to year, in a variety of locations throughout the United States (and sometimes overseas). For a listing of currently scheduled trainings, visit the Event Calendar. It is sometimes possible to schedule open workshops on demand, provided you can find enough interested people in your local area. Learn more »

Become a Certified SAVI Trainer.
Are you interested in leading SAVI workshops yourself? Start the process of becoming a certified trainer! The certification process is flexible and can be adapted to your individual background and situation. Learn more »

Learn SAVI at Home

Learn SAVI at Work

CAUTION TO SAVI LEARNERS: All of the offerings listed above are developed and delivered by certified SAVI trainers. While some individual concepts in SAVI can be learned quickly and applied right away, mastering the entire system takes a year or more of concentrated study. For that reason, all instructors must complete a comprehensive certification program before advertising and teaching SAVI classes. Non-authorized instructors are in violation of the SAVI copyright and trademark, and are not reliable sources of training. Please keep this in mind when signing up for any SAVI training program.