Customized Team Solutions

Just what you need for better communication

You probably know what is not working in your team’s communication.
We’ll show you why.
Whether it’s unproductive meetings, unresolved conflicts, failed negotiations, or a general lack of creativity and innovation, the end results of communication problems are clear to see. The hard part is pinpointing what’s causing these breakdowns. Through our detailed assessments, you’ll learn exactly what your team is doing, or failing to do, that’s holding you back from optimal performance.

Your team can change.
We’ll show you how.  
The key to positive change is replacing habitual, unconstructive patterns of behavior with new, better ways of communicating. Our job is to give you the awareness and practical skills to make that happen.

We tailor each program to your team.
Our custom programs provide a three-step process for targeted behavior change:

  • Assessment. Through an online questionnaire, interviews, and/or live observation, we identify the unique combination of communication barriers that are preventing your team from achieving optimal performance.
  • Skill building. In a dynamic group practice session, team members build new skills specifically designed to overcome those barriers.
  • Skill reinforcement and application. To ensure lasting results, we reinforce each new skill through a combination of follow-up exercises, web-based teleseminars, or individual or team coaching. All follow-up work focuses on directly applying newly learned skills to current challenges facing your team.

You select a format that works for you.
We’ll work with you to develop a program that meets your needs, on your schedule, within your budget. Depending on your particular situation, we can conduct your assessments online, by phone, or in person. We can design your skill-building sessions to be as short as two hours or as long as two days. And we can structure your follow-up work in any number of ways, either remotely or on-site. For those interested in ongoing team development, we also offer longer term coaching and consulting packages.

Contact us today to learn more.
To learn more about what we offer and explore whether we might be a good fit for your team, call us at 800.600.1522 or send us an email.