Consultation Dialogue Examples

Are you considering submitting one of your own challenging conversations for our live consultation? Great idea! This will help you get the most out of the session. The guidelines are simple: just submit a dialogue with roughly 5 to 8 exchanges in an I said/They said format. Below are two examples, both from professional contexts. (It’s also fine to use a personal conversation if you’d prefer.) If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 1-800-600-1522 or email

Situation: Client giving feedback to a website developer

I said: I’d like to give you some feedback. I have some concerns about how this project is going.

They said: What’s the matter?

I said: Well, what you’ve done so far doesn’t look very professional.

They said: I’m surprised to hear that. You know, I’ve spent a lot of hours getting this to look consistent with the rest of your website.

I said: That’s another concern I have — you said it would be done in one month and you’re moving so slowly!

They said: But I’ve done my work in record time! If your staff had given me the information I needed when I asked for it, timing wouldn’t be an issue.



Situation: Colleagues discussing a recent management decision.

I said: I just heard about this new decision from Headquarters. I’m really concerned about how it’s going to affect our sales. It’s not the right direction for us to be going in as a company.

They said: Well, this decision is the result of months of analysis and careful deliberation. Anyway, it’s a done deal.

I said: But the impact on my area could be disastrous! That must be obvious to you too.

They said: I understand your concern, but Headquarters has taken all the consequences into account — on your area and all the others. They’re not going to just leave you hanging.

I said: I appreciate that, but I don’t think everyone understands all the constraints I’m dealing with here.

They said: Look, clearly this isn’t going to be easy for your team. I think we all get that. But in this situation it’s just not your decision to make.