What is Conversation Transformation?

Conversation Transformation will give you a whole new understanding of why any conversation succeeds or fails. And it won’t stop there. It will also help you develop the practical skills you need to transform the challenging conversations in your own life and work.

The learning methods in the book are grounded in the latest neuropsychology research, and the skills are drawn from SAVI® (the System for Analyzing Verbal Interaction), a framework that has been used for more than 40 years to improve communication in couples, groups, work teams, and organizations. You’ll see these techniques brought to life with many real-world stories and examples, and then make them your own through easy-to-follow, progressively challenging exercises.

Each skill-building chapter guides you through a three-step process for replacing unconstructive habits with more effective responses:

  1. Awareness. Learn to recognize an ineffective communication pattern, right at the moment when it happens.
  2. Action. Use specific new behaviors to turn the conversation in a better direction.
  3. Practice. Engage in repeated, structured practice to turn those behaviors into a new habit.

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